HİR 101 Basic Concepts of Public Relations (3-0) 3
Course content includes the subjects covered by the field of public relations, the studies between public relations  and relevant disciplines, the historical development of the public relations, the theories about  public relations, the literature and the basic approaches of public relations.


MAN 111 Introduction to Business Management (2-0) 2

In this course the fundamental concepts of business are introduced. The course provides an overview of national and international business topics as well as entrepreneurship and business ethics. The comparative advantages and disadvantages of various legal forms of business, business organization, and the concept of management are also studied. Basic business functions comprising marketing, finance, accounting, management information systems, production/operations management, and human resources management are introduced.


HIR 105 Research Methods (3-0) 3

The aim of the course is to provide basic information on the research methods used in the field of social sciences, qualitative and quantitative research methods, data collection, data analysis, scope of communication – market and public research, application techniques, the relationship of target audience and research methodology and research literature. The course also prepares the “Advertising and Marketing Research” course to examine research methods in advertising and public relations areas. This course also prepares students to the “Research on Advertising and Marketing” course that examines the research methods in public relations and advertising.


HİR 107 Social Pschology(3-0)3
The aim of the course is to make an introduction to the basic concepts and theories of social psychology and to address the problems of the dominant scientific paradigm in social psychology and the possibilities of critical social psychology and to examine the importance of social psychology in the fields of public relations and advertising through examples.


HİR 109 Advertising Principles (3-0)3

The historical development of advertising, advertising literature, groundbreaking advertising examples in the world and in Turkey, the organizational structure of advertising agencies, job descriptions of advertising agency employees, analysis of major advertising campaigns are the topics to be covered in this course.


HİR 104 Sociology of Media and Culture (2-0) 2

The course to be studied within the context of media discourses and social culture concept that is effective on the growth and socialization of the individual, in the general frame  includes  media-culture-society-individual linearity, in the specific  frame comprises of  buying behaviors of the individual, social consent, consumption tendency and message-persuasion relationship.


HİR 106 Social Structure of Turkey(3-0) 3

The formation of the social structure based on Turkey’s historical origins, the conditions affecting this social structure, breaking points that affect the  periods of change, examination of the elements constituting the social structure from general to spesific , learning the literature built on Turkey’s social structure and the discussion over the reading of selected examples compose the content of the course.


HİR 108 Basic Principles of Public Relations(3-0) 3
This course covers topics such as the field of application of the public relations, the formation of strategies for these fields, public relations management process, planning, reporting, reputation management, crisis management, political public relations, strategic communication management.


HİR 110 Research in Advertising and Marketing (3-0) 3

This course which is based on the knowledge of Research Methods involves the methods of basic research techniques used specifically in advertising and marketing researches, such as representation group in the application examples, sample group and focus group studies, development of alternative research methods, formulations to be used in research data analysis, scale, reliability and accuracy concepts by using examples. 


HİR 201 Advertising Writing (3-0) 3

In the course, that is covered on the basis of creative writing, the topics to be discussed are how to create a creative communication strategy, how to form this strategy as a message in the context of product-brand-media relationship, techniques of  text writing, advertising types, and message contents which are specially developed for advertising types such as slogan, message, spot, and press statement writing applications.


HİR 203 Brand Management (3-0) 3

This course covers, the relationship between the “brand” which is the main subject of the public relations and advertising activities and the target audience, identity, perception, attitude, preference and belonging concepts, the branding process, the conditions of being a brand, factors affecting brand awareness.


HİR 205 Political Communication (3-0) 3

Basic topics of the course are political campaigns, political message management, election campaigns, discourse analysis, campaign management strategies, public opinion research. In the course, also the political campaign process with selected examples from Turkey and the world will be examined and discourse-party-candidate-strategy-implementation techniques will be discussed comparatively.


HİR 207 Social Media Usage in Public Relations and Advertising (3-0) 3

The main educational fields of this course are evaluation of social media as an alternative medium in the context of new media technologies, alternative discourse and  visual presentation forms, interaction of social media and society, and persuasion techniques.


Corporate Communication and Marketing (3-0) 3

The main topics of the course are internal (corporate) and external communication enviroments, human resources management and communication, internal and external event management, corporate belonging strategies, management strategies of corporate-employee relations, and management process of corporate communication and marketing relations. 


HİR 202 Advertising Design (3-0) 3

The main achievements of the course are the preparation of advertising visuals that is a main provider of advertising and purchasing process , creative process planning, visual-text relation, design-media relationship, color, typography, learning of editing techniques, design-perception-persuasion relations, design presentation techniques.


HİR 204 Media Planning (3-0) 3

Advertising, marketing, public relations activities directly affects activities aimed to define which criterias will be planned to determine communication environment which is a meeting point of consumer-customer-target groups. The aim of the course is to gain competence of knowledge and application for how to form strategies, such as design for communication mediums, rhetoric, timing, budget management.


HİR 206 Global Marketing (3-0) 3

The main topics of study of this course are competitive politics of international brands, localization, processes and conditions of being international brand, the factors that accelerate and restrict global marketing, effects of international trade policies, perception of global target audience, global media, application examples of global marketing.


HİR 208 Communication Law and  Ethic (3-0) 3

On the basis of communication environments and ethical rules, the legal basis of communication, rules, laws, practices and sanctions, operation/working principles of communication law in the world and Turkey, relation of media and ethics are the main topics of the course. 


HİR 210 Consumer psychology and Behaviour (3-0) 3

The success of public relations and advertising activities is based on the influence of perception and persuation on the targeted audience. The aim of this course is to gain theoretical and practical competence for the formation of the potential consumer profile, methods of performing target audience analysis, persuasion psychology, determination of the socio-demographic characteristics of the target group, the factors that affect and limit buying behaviours and  promotional strategies. 


HİR 301 Public Relations and Social Responsibility (3-0) 3

The concept of social responsibility which is one of the significant study fields  within the scope of integrated marketing communications activities, the formation of social responsibility policies, tracking the processes, communication environments, effects on public relations activities, application examples of social responsibility campaigns, management rules are the main topics of study. 

HİR 303 Public Relations Policies (3-0) 3

Fields of activities of public relations, policy production process, creative strategy, creation of reactive and proactive communication strategy, process management, evaluation and reporting techniques, political public relations, theoretical approaches in public relations and models constitute the main frame of the course.

HİR 305 Stratejik Marka Çözümleri (3-0) 3

Sektörlere göre marka yönetim stratejileri, rekabet politikaları, ulusal ve uluslararası marka olma koşulları, hedef kitle ihtiyaç ve beklentilerinin belirlenmesi, marka-hedef kitle ilişki sürecinin yönetilmesi, markaya yönelik müşteri memnuniyetinin oluşturulması, istikrarlı büyüme, marka-mecra yönetimi, markaya yönelik mesaj stratejisi dersin konu başlıklarıdır.HİR 305 Strategic

Brand Solutions (3-0) 3

The main topics of this course are brand management strategies according to the sectors, competition policies, national and international branding conditions, determination of target audience needs and expectations, management of brand-target audience relationship process, creation of customer satisfaction towards brand, steady growth, brand-media management, message strategy for brand.


HİR 307 Advertising Campaign Management (3-0) 3

The aim of the course is to teach the students on creative strategy production, organizational management in the process of creating advertising campaigns, transmission of the communication flow within advertising agencies, workflow in the relation of advertising agency and advertiser, presentation techniques, characteristics of launching studies, determination of pre-campaign research techniques, branding process, media planning, budget management studies through an integrative campaign. 


HİR 302 Crisis Communication (3-0) 3

Development of strategies for problems encountered in the process of public relations and advertising activities, reactive and proactive measures, media management during crisis periods, organizational rules, management of internal and / or external communication environments, formation of strategies for social stakeholders, informing and determination of management materials, the protection of the identity of the institution are the main topics of this course.

HİR 304 İmage Managemeent (3-0) 3

In the context of the factors that constitute the image of the person, effective communication, body language, self-confidence, self-esteem, charisma, clothes, colors, status indicators, image in political communication, social and individual perception management, management of media relations, press bulletin writing, tracking processes, assignments and job descriptions are basic learning subjects.


HİR 306 Content Production/Management in Social Media (3-0) 3
The aim of the course is to provide sufficient professional knowledge to students about content creation, determination of social media discourse, integrity of visuals and discourse, communication management of social media followers, text writing, discourse politics, content analysis, following social media, updates and feedbacks.


HİR 308 Persuasion and Social İmpact (3-0) 3
The aim of the course is to educate students about persuasion techniques, the conditions of application of these techniques, operation of action and reaction, the models of persuasion, process management, the creation of persuasion policies, the analysis of audience whom public relations and advertising activities directed at, the formation of persuasion discourses, the conditions to ensure consistency of persuasion and management processes, relation of persuasion and social consent, grasping the principles for managing the advantages and disadvantages of social influence and to support them with practice examples.


HİR 401 Public Relations Applications (3-0) 3

The main topics of the course are to prepare public relation campaigns and presentation for real brand or service within the scope of public relations theories, policies, strategies. The aim of this course is to gain the necessary practices for the graduation project.

HİR 403 Graduation Project I

The aim of this course is to established actual campaigns by students  within the scope of sectors or  brands, and to enable  professional competence in the direction of sectoral-academical cooperation.


HİR 402 Public Diplomacy (3-0) 3

Strategic communication management for public institutions which is particularly one of the study fields of public relations profession, public diplomacy in Turkey, connection of public diplomacy and national brand, strategic planning, diplomatic rules are the course’s main topics.


HİR 404 Graduation Project II

The aim of this course is to create public relations and advertising campaigns for real brands or services in the direction of sectoral collaborations, to support individual and team work practices and to provide professional competence for prepared campaign presentations.


HİR 406 Advertising Applications (3-0) 3

Presentations and all steps of advertising projects which are prepared in the scope of Advertising Principles, Communication Design, Advertising writing, Advertisement Campaign Management, Marketing, Marketing Communication courses, are the main achievements of the course.