The aim of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising is to train professionals for the sector of public relations and advertising in which Turkey is competing with the world in this sector and integrating into all developments in the field simultaneously.

The department which aims to provide qualification for graduates both as a communication discipline and as an active professional expertise, has a unique quality for the students who will choose public relations and advertising professions as it equips them with intellectual information, professional knowledge and skills, professionalism to be supported by applications and the employment opportunities that sector and university cooperation will bring to the students.

In addition to the theoretical lectures such as political communication, law, ethics, social psychology, arts, communication skills, marketing related to Public Relations and Advertising fields, practical studies on the public relations campaigns and practices to be formed in the light of this basic knowledge will increase the competitiveness of the graduates in the sector by including all the components of the advertising sector from production to marketing in the education and training program.

During the study period of the course, supporting courses with workshops and seminars attented by sector professionals will strengthen the personal and professional awareness of the students and will make it easier to connect with the sector for them.

Course contents that enable students to learn the principles of Public Relations and Advertising on a universal scale, education strategies that contain a dimension of action are the most important achievements presented to the student who prefer the department.

Educational language of the department is Turkish.

4 years of education has been enriched with professional courses as well as elective courses directly related to public relations and advertising. In this way, students will have the ability to determine their career goals according to personal preferences in public relations and advertising areas.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeynep KARAHAN USLU

Head of Deparment of Public Relations and Advertising

Consultant of the President of Board of Trustees